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Titanium HD + ??? + HD650

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Though HD598 may be a much easier & more money-saving choice for me, I'm going to get a HD650, it worths trying biggrin.gif


Therefore, I need an amplifier suitable for HD650 and THD (assuming it can output clean & uncolored sound). I used to listen pop in most times, classic sometimes. I don't use a CD player since most music is Flac/Ape format played by foobar. Some questions:

1 After searching the forum, I found there are multiple Amps for HD650, such like Lehmann black cube linear, SPL Auditor, Gram Slee SOLO, and Little Dot MK IV (someone said Tube Amp is pretty suitable for HD650, while some others say definitely not). But considering I'm using a sound card as input, which is regarded not as good as dedicated DAC, I don't know which choice is better or shall be avoided.

2 Another choice is to buy a combined DAC/Amp, given similar budget (within 1000 dollars, but THD is already there), not sure which scheme is better.


Great thanks for your advice!

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The DAC in the TiHD is great. Maybe not up to par with a $1000 DAC but just as good as a mid range SPDIF DAC.
I've got my TiHD outputting to a Sheer Audio HA-006+, a Solid State dynalo design amp and my HD650s sound amazing.
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O2 and Schiit Asgard are good amps to pair up with your gear.

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