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Hi guys, so far i have tried Brainwavz M2, Soundmagic E10, Soundmagic E30, Hippo VB, Sennheiser CX300-II, Sennheiser CX-180 etc. I love E10 over rest all. Thanks to the folks who recommended. But none of them has exceptional imaging capability. Hippo VB being the costliest among the lot, was let down in terms of imaging and soundstage. it's just a good bass-head headphone, that's all. CX 300 II were good but not so great. I would like to have IEM, preferably under 100$, which can provide good soundstage with great imaging, not like the full headphones but still great for an IEM. Recently learnt that RE0 are very good in terms of sound imaging and they sound pretty much cold and analytical. Apart from that can somebody suggest the IEM that suits my requirement mentioned above?