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For Sale: Grado RS-2 with Buttons, Europe

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For Sale:
Grado RS-2 with Buttons, Europe

Will Ship To: Europe

I sell my trusty Grado RS-2. It is the last version with buttons, Serial Number 533, 4 years old.

It has been lightly used and is in perfect working condition, also cosmetically no deviations from a new item. The foam pads have been replaced recently and are also clean and in like-new condition.


I don't have the original box any more but I'll ship them in an adequate, well padded box.

Asking price is 370, shipping to Germany and Europe included. New, I paid 625 Euros.


This is a really nice pair of headphones. It doesn't have the piercing treble of the RS-1 and other Grados, but still enough bite to make Rock music really enjoyable. It is smooth sounding too and sounds great even without amplification.


Now also at ebay, starting at 1 Euro:


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Added more images. They have 3 mpixel resolution. After you clicked them, you may then right click into the images and choose 'view image' to get the full view.

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Still available.

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Price drop.

If you don't like the price, please make an offer.

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