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What's the worst headphones you've heard?

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Ok, so we all know what some great headphones sound like, but I'm interested to hear which headphones you have heard which sounded utterly terrible.  (airline headphones?)


Bonus points for images!





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I'd have to say most any cans that came with a portable CD Player are absolutely tragic.
But as far as higher end cans that a lot of people actually love, the older pair of Grado SR80's, before they got chunky (thicker) drove me up the wall, even with a decent head amp!
I noticed a gradual shift to a high frequency harshness to them that I just could not bear to listen to anything out of them.
This did occur at the time I got diagnoses with Fibromyalgia and also a very nasty inner ear disorder Meniere's Disease! I am sure it was a complication from my maladies that made my ears more sensitive that brought out this harshness even more. Just one of those things about your Physiology that makes a perfect headphone for everyone almost impossible, that's why I believe picking out a good pair of cans is so personal, as we are all made up of different chemical make-ups.
Now that I have become permanently disabled and deal with Chronic Pain Syndrome, my headphone selection is a very important matter for me, as I use them SO much to drift away in the landscape to not focus on the Chronic Pain.
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Why not just continue this long running and current thread?



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Non "I" Grado SR80 is one of my favs. Just rocked out to them last night. Diff strokes.
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It may be cliche but Beats are awful.
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