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Feel the current?

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I just posted this in the wrong forum... think this is the right one?...


Don't know if this is a dumb question (since I'm fairly new to head-fi, etc) but I have a receiver (Sherwood S-9200CP from 1981) that I use to occasionally drive my headphones (HE400 and K550), using the Audioengine D1 as a DAC/preamp, and sometimes feel like there's too much current... i.e. it seems like I can feel the current, and it becomes fatiguing pretty fast at (what seems to me) similar volume levels than listening straight from my D1.  I'm guessing the receiver puts out a lot more juice than my D1 (and makes the bass more dynamic), and am wondering if anyone has experience with this? Could I be actually feeling the increased current?  Is it more likely I'm listening to a higher volume than I realize?  Could this be doing damage to me or to the headphones?  Thanks in advance

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When I plug lower impedance headphones into my Pioneer receiver I get the same over power feeling. Unless you are cranking the volume everything will be fine.
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