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I have great cans for home and travel but I'm looking for something I can use while exercising, riding, etc. I have a set of $5 philips earhook earbuds which work great for that purpose but they sound like crap. Plus my cell headphone port is completely useless if I make even the slightest movement so I need something wireless. Unfortunately that rules out quality IEMs. A major focus is these are going to have to fit underneath a helmet that fully covers my ears. Has anyone had any luck with stereo bluetooth earbuds or anything of that sort? I'm open to any suggestions and feel free to take this discussion in any direction.


I've seen Motorola S9, S10, and S11 but the two most recent models supposedly have terrible sound quality, and the S9 supposedly has serious problems with getting sweat in them. Also all their controls would be stuck under my helmet which is a slight problem. I've also seen the LG HBS-700 and HBS-730 which have the most practical form factor I've seen. Neither of them seem to be stellar with sound quality, but I suppose that's just something you have to accept with bluetooth. 730 is supposed to have better sound (apt-x) but the range is supposedly so bad it breaks up sometimes if your hand gets between the headset and the device. Any experience with any of these I mentioned? I'm reaching for anything you guys can suggest as most of the people reviewing these things on amazon don't have exactly the most discerning ears.

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