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Making Woody Grados. HELP!

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ok so recently after reading many grado modding threads i have decided to make my own wooden cup :D.

I will be using this guide : http://headfonics.com/2011/07/grado-diy-how-to-get-a-perfect-woody/ since i do not own a lathe


I have gotten all the necessary tools for the build but i still need to pick out a wood, i was thinking about this:http://www.woodcraft.com/product/2000682/2569/cocobolo-2-x-6-x-6.aspx


Anyways i would gladly apprecitate it if some people could suggest some tips along with reviews for the guide that im following. it would also be helpful if you could suggest sites where i could get some wood with the correct dimensions to make 2 or more cups THANKS!


PS i will be modding my Grado SR 60i but im planning on switching out the drivers to the MAGNUM V5 as soon as they restock.

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Mahogany is your best choice. It is used in high end headphones for a reason. wink.gif
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What size would be good?
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Originally Posted by Dgiant View Post

What size would be good?

If I had to guess. 6 inches thick by 12 inches wide by 24 inches long. That will give you plenty in case something goes wrong.
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2 inch think should be more than enough to make a set of cups, the ones i make are about 40mm (sorry to mix imperial and metric) end to end and about 62mm across.  If you start with a chunk of wood fairly close to the finished size (within reason, there will always be wastage) then you have less work getting rid of the excess.

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I used that guide and made a pair of cups with it. There are many good tone woods not only Mahogany. I couldn't cut the holes by hand likt the guy who wrote the guide, I had to use a drill press. After reading about the sound qualities of tone woods I choose Black Cherry.


A pic of the cups using thid guide.


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