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Hello! Worth Repairing?

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Hello Everyone!


First time poster, I hope I got the post in the right forum.


I've owned a pair of Shure e4c's for about 3 years now.  The cable sheath has completely disintegrated and although the sound is still fine, a behind the ear fit is incredibly uncomfortable.


I've looked into getting these fixed, and it looks like it'll be ~$100 to have the cables changed with something of good-better quality than what was there to begin with.


So my question is this:  Is it worth the c-note to get these fixed or should I put the $100 towards a set of se535's which I can afford by summer time.  I was given a pair of Bose OE2i's this summer as a gift, so I would have something decent to get me through until then.


Thanks in advance for reading this and helping out!

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....anyone?  I was hoping to send these off for repair pre-xmas if a consensus was achieved.


Thanks again to everyone for their help!

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Could always look to get these reshelled into customs instead of repair.

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SE535 is a great IEM but ask BTG audio how much to recable, they may even be able to put a detachable cable socket on them
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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

SE535 is a great IEM but ask BTG audio how much to recable, they may even be able to put a detachable cable socket on them

What would the advantage of a detachable cable be for these headphones? I'm (possibly incorrectly) thinking that its the transducers themselves that are a limiting factor, not the wires. Hence my question as to whether it's even worth to fix these (or make custom shells for these) or save for a better pair.
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You should contact shure...I think they have an exchange program where you send them the e4c + $ and can get the se425.

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+1 for BTG. To be honest, all the given suggestions are great. If it was me, I would personally get it reshelled or upgraded for the SE425. The E4 is a WONDERFUL sounding IEM and I loved it for it's performance in female vocals. I got my E3c reshelled by UM into a 3-driver 3-way crossover using a TF10 tweeter for the tweeter and a Sonion 20xx (forgot model number) woofer. I am planning on getting them re-fitted by UM again as it's been 4 years and I want to replace the woofer for the dual-lows used in the Miracle. Contact UM, they have exceptional service and are very professional.

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Thanks for all the advice. I like the sound of a trade-in program and I think I'll pursue that avenue.

I'll make sure to post my findings in the thread.

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So it looks like Shure Canada was unable to help me at all.  After pursuing the trade in program with more effort, the Canadian distributor suggested I call the American headquarters.  After a few minutes on the phone and a e-mail explanation, I received word that I could ship my phones to Shure USA and for a fee of $155 I would receive a new pair of SE425's.


I mailed them off Thursday afternoon via airmail, and I suppose it'll only take a few weeks to receive the new phones?


To anyone who's gone through this process before:  Do you get a brand new box/with all the shure eartips and case or will I receive just the phones and cable?



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