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Edwards Audio HA1 - new to me!

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Anyone got or heard one of these? 

looks interesting




I can't find anything about the company,  but I think it's made in Britain.



Max Input line: 28mV
Max Input MP3: 94mV
Gain: 12dB
THD Distortion: <0.005% 1kHz
Signal to noise ratio: -85dB
Frequency response: within 0.25dB
Stereo separation:better than 65dB - 20-20kHz
Input Loading: 100R with 2n2 capacitance
Output Jack 6.3mm / 1/4": 47K with 120pF
Output impedance: <10 Ohms
Max output level: 2W into 8 Ohms
Dimensions W x H x D: 115mm x 47.5mm x 160mm
Weight: 1Kg
Power consumption: 3.5W


I assume it's main only, and no battery, but the size looks portable

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A late replybiggrin.gif


My friend recently bought one with the matching PSU, based on my brief experience of this amp, I would describe the sound as pacey, punchy, and damn quick, if you crave smoothness and warmth I would say it doesn't offer that kind of presentation, instead if you like a fast foot tapping sound it would be right up your street.


  Adding the PSU refines the sound and the bass response is deeper.

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I own the HA-2 with the matching power supply and it is very smooth sounding especially with good cabling. I really like the HA-2. If the new version of the HA-1 sounds near as good then it must be nice. I'm enjoying my HA-2.

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