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Tested the Audioquest Dragonfly and .....

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Sent it back after the week, this has to be the most hyped DAC in history!


Dont get me wrong i do understand its plus points.......size, sorry plus point.


I think people see SABRE and have a small accident in their kecks, really it is not that great a DAC , nowhere near as good with headphones as the audiolab mdac , Stello or even the Aune MK2 i have used.


I think this thing should always be used with an extension cable , i think the weight of some cans jacks would likely crack the usb port joins over time.


If you are buying this to get a good portable headphone out for your cans they had better be 300 ohm or less imo.


Mid - High end PC/Mac headphone ports are pretty good these days.

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Has a lifetime of watching Scottish football made you daft?  The mDac costs almost three times as much as the Dragonfly (599 pounds for the mDac on amazon.co.uk vs. 215 for the dragonfly), and have you tried using the mDac on an airplane lately?  Stello DA100 is 750.  You might as well put the Dragonfly up against a Berkeley or a Meitner, make it a really fair fight.  mad.gif


If you're going to evaluate the Dragonfly, evaluate it for what it is, not what you mistakenly fantasized it to be.  Put the Dragonfly up against the Audioengine D1 and Arcam rPac, and see which is the last one standing.  I've heard all three of those, and I bought the Dragonfly.



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Fair point about the price, i guess my disappointment is more with the amp aspect of the dragonfly, dacs dont differ much imo (i bet you a hundred of my scottish pounds you cant identify the dragonfly blind against any other similarly priced dac).

Glad you like it though.

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