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Sennheiser Momentum vs V-Moda M100

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So I'm looking to purchase one of these for Christmas and figured it'd be best to ask here. I was originally going to purchase the M-100s (was waiting forever for them to go into production), but then I stumbled upon the Momentums and saw how great they looked (not to mention some rave reviews). 


These are what I mainly need in my headphones:


- Good isolation (public commuting, trains, etc

- Comfortable to wear (I don't want my ears to tire after 2 or 3 hours)

- I much prefer warm and lively sounds as opposed to neutral headphones

- I listen to tons of stuff, but my main genres are Pop, Metal, and Hardcore, so I need some headphones to compliment that

- No overbloated bass, either



Alright, that's all I could think at the moment. Any suggestions? 

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Tyll over at Innerfidelity did some brief comparing and he prefers the Momentum to just about everything else in that price point including the M100.  He thought that the M100 is more of a bass head can.









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Sweet, thanks for the links.


Anyone here have both and would like to share some input? 

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I am far from an expert. But as a M100 owner and a prolific researcher before purchase, It sounds like your preference would lean towards M100.


Momentum is from what i understand fairly flat EQ with accurate reproduction while the M100 is Modeofile which is meant to be fun but accurate (bass+treble influence)


Isolation is good while the music is playing, i dont notice train noises at all.

Comfort is a mixed bag depending on your headsize and ear shape. Smaller ears tend to fair better here.

Bass is not overbloated. It is very accurate and i believe the signature sound of m100's to me is the way they dont blend into the mid range.


I have never listened to Momentum's so take with a grain of salt.

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Well, he did say no overbloated bass.  Now, I know that M100 probably doesn't have an over "bloated" bass, but it might be overpowering.

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By the way, how do you like your M100?  Did you get a custom shield?  I thought those looked pretty cool

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I own both and love their sound signature for different applications. The Momentums are by no means flat sounding but are very transparent in their delivery, and are more comfy than the v modas. If you want a headphone for your requirements, I would go the Momentum. The M100 is a heavier headphone that I don't find as comfy but they're hell of an awesome listen. They sound a bit bloated at first but with burn in, have a nice more open, flexible and punchy sound.
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