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Dont like ad700s, just don't sound right

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I just got a pair of AD700 for gaming/movies/music (1/3, 1/3, 1/3)....


They don't sound natural to me.  They sound hollow in gaming and music.  In music and movies female vocals/voice are harsh and stand out, its kind of distracting.  I think i prefer a warmer tone.


Can I fix this with EQing or letting them burn in.  No matter how i EQ they just sound worse.


Sources are laptop, desktop, android, all with mediocre sound and a Pioneer 5.1 receiver.


What to do now?

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Heres some stuff i like the sound of


my home theater setup is the following:

Polk CS2

Polk Monitor 40s

Polk Monitor 30s

JBL EP250 sub


Car audio:

Alpine SPR-60C 6.5in components

Pioneer Stereo Amp 125rms to each alpine component

Pioneer premier something or other deck



Meelectronics M6 (with foam in the ear tubes to kill some sibilance)


I am a recovering basshead..... I like the m6 but the bass can be fatiguing

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What EQ are you trying to use?

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Windows media player which seems to be awful. Poweramp on my droid better.....
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That would be due to the lack of any elevated bass and the severe rollof in subbass at around 100hz.  Pretty much any headphone will have better subbass extension and more elevated bass response.



If you don't like the sound now burn-in isn't going to change anything drastically.  EQ helps alot but it depends on the quality of the EQ using the 10 band hardware equalizer of my Audigy 2ZS with KX drivers I can get quite satisfactory bass response and extension with a boost of 15db in the 31hz and 62hz bands and a 3,2, and 1db boost at 125hz,250hz, and 500hz respectively making it better in all genres and if I use a 24db boost in 31hz its actually decent for dubstep but volume is to low at that point at least until I get my amp.  If your using software equalizer for itunes or something similar it won't sound nearly as good nor get the same effect.  Honestly since your planning to use them for multiple source that aren't just computers/laptops I would just return them and get something with else with better bass response there are good software eq like electri-q that can be setup universally with vts host and virtual audio but it only works on computers.

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Ok.  Since you're not primarily using a music player with the AD700s, I would probably get a different pair of headphones.  I've EQ'd the AD700s to sound decently balanced and slightly warm, but if it's not something you can use universally, you're better off getting other cans.

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I was kinda thinking the same thing......


No matter what i do to fix it in a music player it wont translate to my HT...


What about a pair of aurvana lives?

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