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For Sale: "Frankenstein" -- bespoke semi-universal, 4-driver IEM

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For Sale:
"Frankenstein" -- bespoke semi-universal, 4-driver IEM

Will Ship To: Anywhere



This is a very special, very unique IEM that I created for myself --- I call it the "Frankenstein". I did not ever envision selling it, as I had plans to continually upgrade it, but I'm heading in a different direction for audio.


It started life as a DBA-02; I took the TWFK driver out of the DBA-02 and had Master Xiao (former head designer for Rooth) add dual low drivers in a custom, 3-way crossover. The Sonion 3300 is the same series as the dual low drivers in the TF10. As far as I'm concerned, there is no other earphone in the world that uses the same setup. It is completely unique.


You can remold it, add a single CI driver to make it similar to a FitEar C435, or add a DTEC driver and another TWFK to make it similar to a Rooth LS8. Adding another TWFK and a CI would make it similar to an AUD-7X, but with tighter bass. The possibilities are pretty much endless; the design was selected for maximum modularity for future upgrades.


The mold is acrylic, made in a "semi-universal" fashion --- the general shape is molded in the shape of my ears, but the nozzles are terminated such that it can use universal tips (4-5mm). My ears are fairly small, so they should be able to fit anyone. I did it this way so that it wouldn't only be me that could listen to it.


Sound Signature:

  • I would characterize the "Frankenstein" as mid-forward, with extended highs, and mild bass.
  • It's warm in the mids, but still maintains a fair degree of clarity.
  • The bass would be considered on the lighter side by most people's standards, but there's still enough bass presence for a balanced presentation.



  • Knowles TWFK-30017 for mids/highs
  • Sonion 33A007 for lows


Acoustic Setup:

  • Dual Bore
  • Three-Way Crossover


The package would come only with the earpieces themselves and some select tips (that I find compatible with the sound); if you need a cable (though I doubt it'd be necessary), we can work something out. Worldwide shipping included. Buyer pays PayPal fees.


Please PM with any questions. I really hope the buyer has prior customs experience as well as a desire to experiment, thereby able to communicate with me on how to go about experimenting with CIEMs and their design to get a fully personalized sound.

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shame to see you selling this as you had big ambition! Good luck!

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I corresponded with tomscy2000 through the entire period in which these were constructed, and he put a lot of thought into them. Also Master Xiao is a renowned CIEM maker responsible for many of the products at Rooth and Gui Ling.


This is a good deal. If I weren't already committed to certain other crazy endeavors, I'd nab this myself and convert it into a pseudo-C435 (which retails for a whole lot more and is pretty much next to impossible to get if you live outside Asia, folks!).

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Touched by the hand of Master Xiao!  (and Tom Tsai!)

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Mids-centric and extended on both ends? Semi-custom universal? One of a kind? Argh wish I have the money to blow on this.
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I just blew 1k on CIEMs or else this could have been a pretty interesting buy. i wish you luck selling it.
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Tom I think you should change the title to "universal fit, 4-driver custom IEM, Unique Melody / Rooth / GL special project" and increase the price to $400.

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