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Is a DAC for me?

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Basically: I have some money to spare and the holidays are coming up. Each year I tend to add something to my audio collection, whether it be headphones or other components.


Currently, this is what I have:


-AKG Q701

-Ultrasone HFI-780

-Etymotic ER4S


-Hisoundaudio Studio-V

-Schiit Asgard


I'm working internationally currently, so I also have the following but do not have them currently with me:


-Terminator V4





I recently extended my contract so I'm considering that it may be worth having the terminator V4 shipped to me. Vinyl stuff will stay in storage because it would be way too much of a hassle and I don't have space.


Anyway, here's my current logic: I've been using my computer for music a lot more lately because I'm simply not able to listen to music as much when I'm out and I just prefer using something more dedicated at home. The downside is that I don't really have a proper, high quality dedicated set up. I've used my computer connected to my TV a lot, which definitely goes against my preference for higher quality music listening. The on-board audio sucks, so I refuse to use that with headphones. When I use my headphones at home, I've been using my studio-V since I arrived here. I would not say I'm dissatisfied with it, by any means, but I also feel like there would be room for improvement with a dedicated DAC + my Asgard.


I've been really pleased with Schiit and my Asgard and it would seem the Bifrost is generally well regarded. So, that is what I'm currently leaning toward. My computer does have SPDIF, so I don't think I'd need the USB option, but I'm still considering it for "just in case." So, you can assume my price range would be around $500 or less (maybe SLIGHTLY more if something is worth it).


Does it seem like I'm on the right track? Recommendations for other options? Thanks in advance for any advice/opinions!

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I think you are on the correct path.  The Bifrost seems like the Asgard's designed companion.  The combo should be pretty sweet.


I think that having the USB input as a backup is always a good idea.  I get some pretty darn good sound out of my USB 2.0 setup and cannot tell the different between it and a transport using high quality and low compression files.

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Thanks for the response!


I'm still undecided on the USB. I'd hate to spend money on a feature that might not get use. $100 seems worth it assuming I come across an instance where I'd need it. Since I can't think of specific reason, it kind of feels like a waste. I could always upgrade later, but it costs more.


Would there be any reason for either one to be more affected by the source or should the output data be exactly the same?

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