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I'm gonna to say sorry about my bad English in advance....Sorry...


Ok, the thing is: I just got my Momentum. I really really enjoy it with my IPC on the go (M100 is still awaiting shipmenttongue.gif).


I also have a pair of HE400, HD598 and a newly purchased O2+OADC for home use. Even though I used two "really" to describe my feelings about  Momentum unamped with IPC and I'm aware that Momentum is just 18 Ω......I just couldn't help to notice how great the improvement is when I plug Momentum into the O2, especially soundstage-wise. I admit that the general sig. of Momentum is roughly unchanged, but it is just way more fun to listen them with O2+OADC. 

But O2+OADC is battery-less. So I'm thinking about to get one of these ugly boxes attaching to my IPC (sorry...but they really are)... And then I just found that a IPC usable amp+dac like a HP-P1 is insanely expensive (please tell me if there is any cheaper choice in the market). 

So I think I have to forget about the portable DAC for IPC and just focus on a nice portable amp. I.m gonna mostly use it with my IPC and Momentum (future M-100 as well). I wish some significant improvements could be heard while using it. And I'm not gonna to spend more than $150 on it. 


I found that Fiio E11 and E17 are just frequently emerged in a lot of posts. Are these two good for my purpose? Is E11 a better choice because of the useless DAC of E17 for my IPC? Or should I just get something else? Please help me decide!  Thanks in advance~~~~

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