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Looking for dubstep headphones

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So i don't know much at all about headphones but i would like a new pair because my old ones broke. I'm just really looking for a set that was beater than my last (skullcandy hash 1) but still relatively cheap and great for dubstep and maybe metal. So ill give some recommendations on what they should be like:

  • Over ear
  • Sound canceling
  • Iphone compatible
  • Price up to 100$ maybe 150$
  • Comfortable


Acceptable downsides:

  • Short cord
  • Long cord
  • Uses batteries
  • Not durable
  • Ugly
  • Bulky


So if anyone knows of one like that it would be really helpful. I just joined this site so if what i'm asking is in the wrong place please tell me how to remove this and put it in the correct place.


It would be much appreciated it if you dumb down some of the technical stuff.

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Hi xXEggMannXx


The Sony MDR-XB500/700 would be the ones I'd recommend for you. I recently bought a XB-500 for a bass-head friend and he's loving them.

They basically check your list; Marshmallow comfy/In your price range/Easily driven by an I-phone(I've tried personally)/Over-ear design & have a solid amount of passive isolation. Cables pretty standard length 4/5 feet, they're quite bulky and can look over-the-top when worn but I wouldn't say they're ugly.


Hope that helps



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So i was looking in to the MDR-XB's and i noticed that there are MDR-XB1,000's are those not worth the money or do the others deliver the same thing? And some reviews say that these are only good for their crazy bass and are they no good when it comes to mid-ranges or highs? And one more thing the last review i read said that they may need some kind of amp because they need so much power? (If so what is an amp and where would i get one?) I know i asked for just dubstep headphones but some dubstep has lots of highs i just want to know if these could handle my crazy amount of drops and spastic song changing (to see how many drops i can listen to in a short time).

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The XB-500s are quite a versatile headphone, so a little tweaking in the equalizer will go a long way for them, almost turning them into a new headphone. The bass is definitely over-powering on them [as the extra bass would imply] but you can still hear the mid/highs under the thumping of the bass. I'm not sure as to how the XB-1000 sounds but it appears a lot of people prefer the XB-500s over the XB-700s as they are nice and portable/easily driven and very versatile. If you feel the mid/highs are lacking, a simple tweak in the equalizer will more than suffice.


If you're still worried about the highs, the Denon AH-D2000s could be what you're after, strong bass[less than the XB series though] with very bright highs, although V-shaped so mids may be a little recessed.

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I guess i'm not that concerned with the highs as long as i could use a equalizer to adjust to the song (i totally forgot all about equalizers). but i think ill go with the XB-500, 700, or 1000 i just haven't decided witch one yet. and thank you you have bin very helpful.

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M-Audio Q40

Ultrasone HFI 580


Very best,

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xb series will shake your jaw like crazy if used with a portable amp like fiio e11... the bass power is unmatched... but you are looking for refined bass and not just quantity then i would suggest d2000s... otherwise you should look into hfi 580 by ultrasone which have great quality and punchy bass and would fit perfectly in your price range... ath pro700mk2 are also worth a look at...

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Originally Posted by MalVeauX View Post

Ultrasone HFI 580



I second this.  The 580s are a fantastic set of headphones for dubstep. 

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So i got i must give an update on my decision i went with the MDR-XB500 and i have to say they are amazing i am not disappointed in the least and i would recommend this headset to anyone else looking for dubstep headsets but i wont be posting that these are the best although in my mind they are i just haven't tried many different head sets. Thanks everyone for the help and if any knows if there is a forum that talks about artists in different genres on this site it would be also much appreciated.

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