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Major Tinnitus problem

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Hi all. I had an ear infection back in June, and since then, I have had tinnitus in my left ear. I checked a doctor about it, but there was no hearing issue, no fluid, and no problems with neurons.

The doctor said he could not help me, but he referred me to another doctor, who he said could help. Unfortunately, since I was about to move into college, I did not go see the doctor.

While I notice it if I try to listen for it, I can say I am glad it really doesn't affect my daily performance. Now that it is finals week, I decided to get some earplugs to help with concentration. Big mistake! I couldn't hear anything else, but my tinnitus became really apparent. In fact, I heard that it reacted to my heartbeat. Now I can't concentrate on anything else.

I feel that when I get back from college, I really need to see someone about this. It's been 6 months, and I think there is nothing people can do to help me, and I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. Even if I do see another doc, I will probably have to redo testing and be frustrated. And they will likely be closed for the holidays! What can I do?
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First try to avoid loud music for a while, and especially avoid using IEMs. Are you taking vitamin and mineral supplements? If not, then try taking vitamin c 500mg 3x a day, magnesium in the form of malate or citrate around 100 to 150mg of elemental magnesium 3x a day, a B50 tablet(has 50 mg of each of the B vitamins) 2x a day. Take these with a meal and skip the B50 in the evening. Also take 30 mg a day of zinc supplements(picolinate?)


Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies might be a cause of tinnitus. Do you eat a healthy diet and avoid alcohol?


PS. Vitamin B12 deficiency  and iron deficiency are specifically mentioned as causitive factors. Are you a vegetarian? are you female? If you are a vegetarian and/or female then you should consider taking iron supplements(iron bisglycinare-which is not irritatiing) and high potency sublingual methylcobalamin(dissolves under the tongue 5,000 mcg).


I had previously read about magnesium and/or zinc deficiency causing tinnitus. Other B vitamin deficiency(besides B12) may also be a factor.

I had tinnitus for a while when I was deficient in zinc and magnesium.



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Hey blackbird.

Has your tinnitus improved?

My case is similar to yours. Three weeks ago I had tinnitus and was diagnosed a middle ear infection. Now the infection has cleared and the tinnitus remains and has become noiser.

What happened to yours? did it improve?


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