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Headphones around 100$

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Hey guys! I am looking for a pair of headphones around 100$. I would be using these at home only so isolation is not a priority. The only thing is sound leak is a bit of a problem. So something with low sound leak is a must. I enjoy all different genres of music from classical to rap to metal. I was going through reviews but there are so many options. I am so lost

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Anyone out there

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What do you think about those. they look nice to me. So do the reviews 
How do you think they would compare to the V moda LP

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Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80) closed headphones.

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The AudioTechnica ATH-AD700 is also recommend a lot here.

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i put this on recently, just off my handphone, the sound is energetic, BIG n Thumping... has a modern look to it too.


SHURE 240.


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The AD700 is recommended a lot, but usually to gamers.

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