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Don't abuse the policy and never press your luck.
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I was thinking just keeping one and returning the rest UNOPENED... is that okay or should I sell them here. I haven't sold anything online or done shipping through UPS.

This is what I ordered.. AKG K701, Q702   Sennheiser PC350 PC360   Beyerdynamic DT 990 600 Ohm..


I was going for something to replace my 5.1 that I gave to my bro so I am currently using a 2.1 speaker setup he had. I missed having the Surround sound and looked to gaming headphones which I wanted to try because I never had quality sets.


My main game currently is Black Ops 2 on PC. I've picked these headphones because of Mad Lust Envy's headphone guide and I know he's a console gamer. I saw a little bit of NamelessPFG's thread.


I tried the  Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset but had a hard time telling if the sounds were coming from the front or rear.

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Keeping one and returning the rest unopened sounds like a good proposition.

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I've decided to return all headphones unopened. Return packing slips and everything printed.


I bought FOSTEX TH900 just now... I am so broke lol

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So what you're saying is there will be a open box mmx300 from the amazon warehouse soon.  this is relevant to my interests:)

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Uh I returned the mmx300 to amazon 2 weeks ago the way Breyer packages their headphones requires no ripping of plastic off the box. The only plastic I ripped was for the 1/4" cable converter. There"s not much repackaging. I treated very delicately and they're new condition.
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Originally Posted by clamchowder01 View Post

I really didn't know what to do. I am not trying to be a bad person.


Deciding on headphones is so hard...


     I went to Best Buy, Guitar Center which didn't have the ones I was looking for. I've been spending a lot of time looking at reviews and this forum, the net for headphones. SO MUCH STUFF



Well, guess this is the last time I will do this.. or just forget about buying headphones. I don't know if this hobby is for a stupid person like me.

This may help in the future if it actually launches...



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Originally Posted by clamchowder01 View Post



I just bought 5 Headphones through Amazon. I was just wondering have you guys tried the headphones, found out they weren't what you wanted, and returned and got a full refund?


I talked to two customer service reps and they said it was is okay....


I just want to make sure. I should have asked this before ordering them.


I just returned my MMX300 which I tried out, but they don't know it's open because it's still on transit to the return center (which I shipped 2 weeks ago, somehow it takes ages to go back but really fast to get to you)


Anyone done this?


Thank you!


buying and returning sealed headphones like that is kind of a douchey thing to do, especially when you buy 5 sets just to see if you like them or not - because it hurts the seller because an open box isn't worth as much as a sealed new box. its better you go to a music store or something to demo headphones - otherwise do a ton of research before you make a decision and if you don't like it return it - amazon has an epic return policy right now, don't abuse it to the point where they decide to change it. 

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