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Razer BlackShark headphones, are they any good?

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The reason I ask is because Razer has a raffle going on right now for some of their stuff (Laptop, Mouse, Headphones, etc). The headphones require 50 signups under you, and I was wondering if it was worth trying to get to that number or if I should just forget about it. Are they really all that great? I've heard that most headsets really aren't worth getting unless you really want a mic built in.


For reference, the giveaway is located here. That's the link to the giveaway under my referral link. A clean link can be found here.

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Trust me, the blacksharks are amazing. Go for them, and you will love me for it

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Unlikely. However, free is free...

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The Blackshark does look really cool. Not sure if it is worth the retail, but since it's a giveaway you can always go for it and at least can still sell them if things don't work out.

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Nope. The bass is WAAY to much. It covers every other single sound and also has poor detail, it will give you a headache if you are used to higher end headphones. Unfortunetely for me its the worst case scenario cause i use an open headphones and changing from that to this bass monster, it made me literally sick.

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They are pretty much ok all around.  They are OK in price, ok in sound quality.  Where they are good is where they are intended.  Dramatic and cool looking (at least to my eyes), comfortable for long hours playing games, and for games (traditionaly bass heavy) sound pretty damn good.  Voice detail is good and the general bassy quality makes high pitch overly loud voices (unavoidable in games) rather muted.  In the games I play, I keep hearing that my voice is crisp clear and understandable.  Also in skype and teamspeak my voice is clear and nice.  Compared to my grado 325i's they are horrible sounding but for 200$ less and for not being an "audiophile" headset, id give them a solid thumbs up.  Just dont expect stunning his or something you have never heard before for a 100$ set of heads and you wont be disappointed.  Also, they are nicely built.  These headphones do travel with me a lot (wherever my computer goes they go) and they have not a nick or a scratch.  Yea, to answer your question, they are good.  Not a pair of grados by any means, but if you need to chat online, they fit the bill well.  For music, ill go to my grado's every single time without fail, but, i mean, i'm comparing to grados....  who wouldnt?

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Razer makes good looking headphones but the sound quality is poor. Bass overpowers midrange and highs, making hard to pick up details on FPS. 

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i like them alot. cant be compared to the k712's but then the pro is in a league of it's own imho; i have a knack for black/orange canz...

overall worth it, imoho
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