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IEM Christmas Suggestion.

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Hey guys,


Over the last few days I have read through hours of threads here and my head is spinning. Thanks for all of the great information. You guys/gals are absolutely awesome.


I just missed out on a great deal for the Klipsch Image S4 for $35. They're now $50, thus I'm no longer dead set on them (I'm a bang-for-buck lunatic).


Hearing good things about Philips SHE3580, and Sony MH1C, but I have never had a good set of head phones and really want the most high end, best sounding, largest sound stage, most neutral...that I can get for my money.


I would really prefer to only spend around $25-$50, but have no problem going up to $135 if needs be.


If the Klipsch came up again for 35, I'd buy for sure. If the Philips SHE3580 had equal sound quality, I would jump on them as well.


BTW I listen to anything from Hendrix/Skinard/The Doors, to One Republic/Cold Play/Mumford & Rap, and almost no country.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. BTW, this forum gets mentioned quite a bit on Slick Deals (when related) and Amazon reviews. You guys are the resident experts.

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Order a 3580 and see if you are looking for something better than that. It is 7 dollars shipped. You pay more than that in shipping for some headphones. Your own ears are your best test.
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Thanks for the reply. Do you know how they [3580] compare to the Klipsch Image S4? 

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Just thought of something. Can't find the answer via research. The Klipsch Image S4 is supposed to have a cable that does not transmit noise when rubbed. Anyone know if the Philips SHE3580 has a good cable?

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No it does not. It is pretty microphonic. A little better than the monoprice 8230 but far from good.

The Klipsch is 7 times the price. (or 5 times on sale). In any case again I say order one for 7 bucks and try it out for yourself. I got one for a stocking stuffer for a friend. I also got the Monoprice DJ headphone for 16 dollars another great sounding, inexpensive holiday gift.
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If you want a some IEMs that ooze detail and will make those Klipsch S4's sound like generics, you can't go wrong with the RE0's for $50:

Probably the best deal in hi-fi IEM audio under $100 right now. Read the reviews on these, they really are that good.


If you want something that is just fun and works with your phone and sounds great, the $30 Sony MH1C's are fantastic. I bet they beat the S4s as well in overall detail.

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