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My current set up is as follows


HT Claro Plus Coax Out/Xbox 360 Optical out -> Astro Mixamp Output via 3.5mm cable-> Q701

It's doing just fine without any voice, but I'm finding its needling a little amping when the voice is added to the mixamp. I'm currently trying to decide if its worth my while getting an E17 along with the E09k since I figure I can use the E17 with my portable audio devices on the go. However I mainly listen at my desk so I'm trying to figure out if the adding E17 is worth my money.


As you can figure with the my use of a Mixamp, I game pretty heavily. There are games and movies I wouldn't mind a little extra control for bumping up the bass a little with the Q701. So my question is as follows. If I use a E09K + E17 (or the new E07K) and input via Aux input (which would have to be via the RCA cables on the E09K correct?), would the EQ on the E17 still affect the output of the E09K. I know there is a similiar question on the Fiio sponsor forums, but I honestly couldn't quite decipher the answer to see if it specifically answered my scenario. If it doesn't, I think I'd like to examine a few other options for amps before I settle on a purchase.