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RIP Dave Brubeck

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Just heard about it...

Sad news, but MAN what a great run he had.
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That's really sad, he had a great influence in my life.
I remember, I didn't even like music that much in high school, even though my bro had a $1000 speakers (wierd, yes I just didn't care how good they sounded, wasn't interested that much in music).
That was until I heard Brubeck on an cheap panasonic radio, I was a captivated :O and I've LOVED smooth jazz ever since, this has led me to appreciating more and more genres of music. Anyway, just wanted to say R.I.P Dave Brubeck.
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Big bucket of win to you Dave Brubeck....r.i.p. and thanks for the sounds.

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Sad day.  My favorite Jazz.


Take Five, Mr. Brubeck and Rest In Piece, good sir.


Here's my stash getting ready to be heard in his honor.




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Sad Day for music, gonna have to give a listen to Time Out in memorandum of such a great musician.

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RIP Mr. Brubeck.

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…always did things "in his own sweet way"…


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Very sad news. His off-beat jazz is so addictive to listen to. I remember listening to Brother Can you Spare a Dime and only realising later that it was just a piano solo and there isn't another instrument playing, such is the depth of the tune.

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It's time to Take Five.

R.I.P. Dave Brubeck

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NPR interview from 1999: http://www.wrti.org/post/1999-interview-pianist-dave-brubeck


I added this record to the collection today.




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Who could play cross rhythms like Brubeck? Saw him in Bath and London. Met him in Berlin with Jerry Mulligan after his concert at the philharmonic in 1972? A wonderful musician and a real gentleman. RIP indeed with a little 5/4.

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Another piece about Dave Brubeck and his legacy:



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"Brubeck was often called the "Ambassador of the Cool," but he was more.


He was the ambassador for a new America."



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