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I don’t know anything about turntables or vinyl, but I wanted to start a little collection. So following the advice of so many in these forums I bought a Kenwood KD-1033 from Craigslists for $30. The guy who sold it to me says that he cleaned everything and it certainly works fine an does not make any weird noises, but I will love to upgrade the cartridge an stylus.


( I also bought an ART USB Phono Plus to use as a pre amp)

Not knowing much about what model to buy as a replacement I had been looking at this one, since it is recommended often: 

(Grado Prestige Black 1.5 Mount Turntable Cartridge)



Do you know if this comes with a stylus or do I have to buy one separately?  

Are there any other recommendations?

I am looking for something that is around $70 (better if including the stylus) 


If it helps I listen to lots of reggae, flamenco, classical music and some jazz.


Thank you kindly for your advice