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WeSC Bass - Review.


I picked up a pair of WeSC Bass headphones from eBay. They're definitely genuine and came boxed in a T-Mobile promo sleeve. T-Mobile are currently giving them away free with Pay As You Go mobile phones over a certain price and in a minute you'll know why! I managed to pick them up for £23 delivered, which is way under the £90 RRP.


First impression.. They look "cool" and quite well put together but I'm not sure how well they will hold up over time.


They come with a detachable cable, extension cable and an in line microphone. 3.5mm Jack and one swiveling ear pad (woo!).


The fit of these headphones is quite snug. They're sturdy, easy to adjust and a good weight. I found that after about an hour of wearing them they started to hurt my ears a little from the pressure that they were putting on them. I felt like my head was in a vice! Ok, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration and I have a feeling that they will soften up after a bit more use. This might partly have something to do with my ears.


The sound quality is my opinion is quite poor. When compared to my Sennheiser HD25's the WeSC's lacked in every department. Turning them up loud with a bass boost resulted in a distorted mess that wasn't apparent with the HD25's. In fact they're not even as good as £5 pair of fake Monster Beats that were bought in Thailand,  and you can find all over eBay for not much more. I'd read reviews online and from what I'd ready I really wasn't expecting them to be great, unfortunately the reality was worse than I had hoped for.


These headphones are not made for people who have sound quality in mind. They're ideal for my son and that's where they're heading as soon as I've posted this review.


I'm actually a fan of WeSC as a brand but they really should stick to clothing. Had I paid the full RRP for these I would be extremely unhappy with them.


In short - Do not buy these headphones.

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