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Searhing for fullsize closed allround headphones <500$

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Hello head-fi community

I am searching for headphones to use with a Tera Player and have some special requirements.

And I'm a total noob at headphones.

Why am I searching?
I loved music since I can remember and when another pair of headphones killed themselves I decided to get myself a good portable set.

What I used before:
Sennheiser DX 400 II
Sennheiser HD 203 (not mine)
Sennheiser HD 598 (not mine)

What source I'll use:
Altmann Tera Player (not ordered)

What I'm willing to pay:
Something <500$

What styles I listen to:
50% Metal (from classic metal to deathcore)
20% Hardrock & Rock
10% Classical (piano solos, orchestra)
20% Dubstep

What else?
Style doesnt really matter in this early state of selection.
Should be not to fragile, for the streets.
Should resist some falling snow and some rain.
Must sound good with low & high volume.

I'm looking forward to read your answers.

If there's a thread similar to this (could not find one with callsic, metal and dubstep) please post the link.

Best wishes

PS: Please excuse the thread title.
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Mr Speakers Mad Dogs (with Dog Pads or Stax Pads)

AKG K167 & K267 & K550

Beyer DT770 & Custom One

Sony MDR1R

Sennheiser Momentum


Very best,

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used denon ah-d5000 or d2000. It's almost all around headphones. Since the denons discontinued the d2k, d5k, d7k, you have to search on ebay, amazon, head-fi classified etc for used pair.

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Thanks for the reactions.

I reasearched a little an came to the conclusion that from the sound I wanted an open can, but I need a closed one.
Some easy calculations were done and the AKG K550 has won. It's on the way right now and I hope it will arrive before the next weekend.
As a matter of fact those cans don't need an amp to sound great (it will increase the expirience but it will work without one) I decided to forget about the Altmann Tera Player and orderer and iPod Classic, which I will upgrade a little bit wink.gif

(please excuse my late respone, im on duty at the moment)
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Would love to hear your personal inpressions of the AKG's w/ the music you listed once you receive them and have had a little time w/ them.

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