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M6 Tip problem

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I seem to be having issues with the M6 tips that came with the IEMs.

I have very small ears so the only tips that fit my ear are the smallest size single flange tips. I read that the tri-flangs are necessary for improved sound quality and I need some help on what to do.
Should I purchase a different tip or just stick with the single flange?


Thanks :P

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Im assuming it as meelectronics M6(You just mentioned M6 in the post). They are provided with small and large triple-flanges isnt it? (I got them both with my set)


I have the exact problem with M6, only small flange fits good, still it was uncomfortable for longer sessions and not much isolating. I tried experimenting the tips and large triple flange fits like anything for me, at first it was uncomfortable due to the wax in my ear, cleaning the wax and then inserting them was like perfect fit with great isolation. The Small Triple flanges there are too small and they often gets stuck in my ear while removing the IEM.


Also, Comply T-400 does wonders on these, comfort is just great and isolation too good , slightly lesser than large triple flanges.

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Yes I'm speaking about the me electronics M6.

Well what I'm saying is not even the small tri-flags fit for me. The only thing that seems to give a consistent and proper fit is the smallest single flange - the normal type of tips that come with most earbuds.

With the bi or tri flange tips I was able to get a very inconsistent fit but when I did get the proper fit I did notice an improvement over these normal tips. The downside was any jaw movement or head movement would cause it to sound muffled in my left ear. My left ear canal is shipped differently then my right I guess lol

I'll look into these T-400 tips. Anyone else with recommendations?
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If you are looking up on comply, Try looking for S-200/Tx-200/T-200/Tsx-200/Ts-200 as they are suggested for M6 in that website.


I have a T-400 which I bought for TF10 and it fits nice enough on M6.


Besides, Sony Hybrid EPEX10A is also great, not much comfortable as comply, but good isolation and SQ for its price. Way better than stock M6 tips.If you are on budget, go for Hybrids..Many had better experience with Hybrids. The only con comply tips have is that they get dirty easily, needs some good ear management or buying them again..

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Sounds like the Sony hybrids would work better for my money situation.

Thanks for the info!
Do you know how much they usually sell for before I just purchase off amazon if they have any?
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Try in your local sony showroom, I've heard them selling a pack for 2-3$ or even less, I'm not sure though, saw this in a thread..

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