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DT990 Pro vs HD598???

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I've been doing research on both of these cans but can't seem to come to any conclusions.

I currently own a pair of Grado 60's, which i love. (I also have a pair of Ultrasone 680s, which i also really like, but i prefer the Grados but can't use them all the time due to the open-backed qualities.)

So i'm looking for the following:

Open-backed with big soundstage
Step up in quality and staging from the Grado 60s.
Sounds good with rock, metal, progressive rock, occasional jazz. No classical or pure pop.
Works well with my E11 amp
Won't leave me with super ear fatigue from too-aggressive highs
Under 250ish US

Every time i think i'm decided i waffle. Right now Amazon has the Senn's for 239 (though price went up in the past day). They also have the Beyers for 174.

Anyone have any advice?
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You're looking at two polar opposite headphones. Both have great sound stages, but the HD598 has more forward mids, much more shy on bass and fairly bright. The DT990 is very bassy, mids less presented, bright treble as well.


I would suggest you consider also:


AKG Q701

Sony MA900

Hifiman HE-300 revision 2

Beyer DT880 250ohm

AudioTechnica AD900


Very best,

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Thanks! Sounds like the Senn's might be better for me...I prefer the mids over the bass and can boost the low end with the E11 anyway. I'll check out your recs as well. Thanks again!
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