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For Sale: EF-5 (Extra Tube)

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For Sale:
EF-5 (Extra Tube)

Will Ship To: USA/Canada

This amplifier was purchased new last August (2012).


It was used on & off. I am mainly using my other amps.


The amplifier is in extremely good condition. Was barely even moved from its position on my table. Very minor scratches on the power supply, that's all.


Sonically, it sounds deep, lush and beautiful.


It's a strong amp. It can drive any headphones easily, whether Orthordynamic or otherwise (aside from such sadistic speakers such as the HE-6, of course).


Personally, I really liked it with my LCD-2 Rev2. and HD-650s.


Shipped with both the JJ ECC802 / 12AU7 Long Plate Gold Pin Vacuum Tube and the Stock Tube. Both tubes sound great and are somewhat similar. I prefer the non-stock, because it gives a wider soundstage and is a bit more detailed.


I used both tubes, but not much. I think they would still have quite a lot of time on them. Actually, the new tube has only been used a couple of weeks or so!


You'll be getting the amplifier, power supply, power cable and 2 tubes.



I'll sell for $. We'll split the shipping and Paypal. If you want to pay another way, tell me.


I would definitely refund, if anything I wrote here is different than what you get. 


Just kick me a PM for any questions. 


The posted picture is, obviously, not mine. Everything is exactly as I explained. I can take pictures if needed.



And of course, as always, thank you for visiting my little corner of the head-fi universe.



PS: I do have an almost unused, "mint-condition" JDS Labs' ODAC as well, if you wanna throw in an extra $ and get that great DAC I can accommodate that. I am not selling it separate though, the offer is only with the amp.

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Sale is pending...

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Still available...

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I hope this is still here after 2 weeks lol 

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2 Weeks! eek.gif Oh Dear, I hope not! lol


Well, if it's still here in 2 weeks, it's definitely yours! wink.gif



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Trades.? Sr71a blackbird?
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Originally Posted by mojorisin35 View Post

Trades.? Sr71a blackbird?

I do not want to trade, sorry for that! redface.gif

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