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Stuck between Sennheiser HD 518 or 598

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Hey guys, as the title says, i cant decide which one to get. I will be using them with a X-FI Titanium HD for FPS games and metal/rock music on the computer. I have 270 dollars to spend, so money is not a problem, but i don't want to waste money on the HD598 if the 518 sounds just as good and it's way cheaper. Later on i will be getting an amp like the Schiit Asgard and use the sound card as a DAC. But for now, with just the Titanium HD, which headphone is better for my needs?
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558 Charlie. 

Most of the oomph of the 598, many monies off. take the surround strips out for more bass (slightly). 


Try before you buy... 


CS:S and CS:GO positional audio = Win with 558. cost me the equivalent of $160. 


Good luck!

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I heard about the 558, but i cant get them in my country, i would have to order from USA. So my options for Sennheiser headphones are the 518 and 598. Thanks for the reply
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and Mr Sheen what country would you be in? You never know there may just be some Head-Fi'ers around your area to try some options out. I got the HD598's for music etc and I have to say they sound great however they do lack some bass so if you are looking to game don't discount the ATH-M50's or some V-Moda's (Crossfade LP's in my case) both can be had for around $100. I can't vouch for rock on the HD598's but if you recommend a track I'll have a listen right now and let you know.
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For FPS games the hd 598 is the best, the lack of bass is relative(some find to bass strong other find it weak , while other find it perfect) and the ATH-M50 lack of sound stage and recessed mids make a bad allrounder , some say the hd 518 is one of the best bang for buck headphones, the prices on the hd 598 usually drop around this time , so look out for price drops, also there are guy on this site who of recent are sell their hd 598 for under $200(barely used , like 20 hours) ill look up those and send you a pm, if i can still find them or they are still available (they go fast)

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Amazon and Electronics Expo sell used HD558 ($115-$140), not sure if they would ship to your country (Which is?).


The Titanium HD's headphone output jack has a 35-Ohm impedance, so not the best for quality audio.

So chances are no matter what headphones you get, you not going to get the best of of them anyway,


Check out the Takstar Hi2050 (Technical Pro HPT990) headphones, sells for $65 mail order.

Something to use until you get the Schiit Asgard.

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£129.99 no inc delivery plus you get £20 added to your amazon account making them £109.99 effectively A good price IMO
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The headphones you have in mind are low impedance, they will be good straight from your soundcard. I can vouch for the 598 if you have the money, i use them occasionally for gaming. 

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558 or 598s. Love my 598s and their looks. If you want something more budget like with pretty much the same sound then 558s if you can find them. I love my 598s. Pretty durable, light as a feather, great sound, with eq to the bass they sound great!



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518/558/598 Have very same drivers, just grills are different, so buy 518 and remove plastic grill, you will save money + you got youself 598 99% like headphone, you can also create your own grills.


Very best

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