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Fake Klipsch Image S4

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I got these back in January and to me they've sounded alright, on certain songs they can sound damn good. Even though I'm sure I've been burned them in enough hours they still hurt my ears when laptop is at full volume compared to my M50s which is no problem. I've read the sibilance on these can be pretty bad so I've chalked it up to that and even ordered some Comply T100 tips a couple days ago. I want to say they sound good but I think deep down I know they don't sound as good as ppl chalk them up to sound? 


So I started reading tonight about fake FiiO products on Amazon and that got me thinking about my Klipsch since I bought that off Amazon, looked up my order history to see who I ordered from since I did go 3rd party Used "Like New" and see they were from Xcessbuy who is listed as a non-authorized dealer! I see that Amazon itself is an authorized Klipsch dealer and Amazon themselves is selling them directly for $35 so I went ahead and ordered them, SQ should be night & day difference I'm guessing.If not, I'll have a back up for cheap lol 


Is there a definite way I can tell mine are fake? If just by the fact they are since they are from Xcessbuy I think I'm gonna buy them off Amazon from them directly so I know they are not fakes. I wish I had known that about fake products on Amazon third party dealers but I guess that was just my blissful ignorance lol

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Do yourself a favor and start fresh with a better ~$40 pair of headphones than the S4. They are not competitive to other IEMs today.

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What do you suggest? I can cancel my order. They also need to work with the T-100 Comply's I just ordered


Also I'm tired and didn't see the IEM section, plz move

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I emailed Amazon about receiving product from XcessBuy when they are not an authorized dealer and he said I'm out of the 90 days for a refund but granted me a one time exception and refunded me $51, actual total was 50.98. Woot extra 2 cents! lol. It doesn't cover shipping and handling but now I'm def willing to buy a better IEM in the $80 range. 

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