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Replacing Audio Technica ANC7s

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Hi all,


I've been lurking Head-Fi for a couple of months now, reading up on your reviews of over ear headphones. The reason why I'm making this post is that I'm not much of an audiophile and I would like to gain some advice. Recently my current headphones have finally started deteriorating, with the pads falling apart and I've received quotes on having my headphones repaired. That is looking to cost me between $80-140.


I figured that at that price I may as well start looking into a new set. From all the reading I've done I've boiled it down to the DT 770s, the Ultrasone Pro 750s or the Custom Pro Ones. My previous headphone usage has pretty much been active noise cancelling. I had owned a pair of Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (can't remember the model number) and am currently using some ANC7s for every day use. I absolutely love the ANC7s and wouldn't replace them if repair costs weren't so high. I'm not keen on getting an amp for 2 reasons, I don't know much about them and I'm not keen on carrying around another device in my pocket for everyday use. I mainly listen to dance music or trance but vary between a lot of genres.


Music Tastes:





Current Headphones:
Audio Technica ANC7


Media Devices:



Computer (rarely)


So, preferably I'd like to use these headphones everyday. I am leaning towards the Custom Pro Ones as from what I've read they'll give me the best sound with what I want to use them for without an amp, which I believe are perfect for me. I also think the Ultrasone don't look as nice, but looks aren't what's important.


What would you suggest for me to use? If you can shed some light on the amp situation that may help in determining what I end up going with. I carry batteries with me everywhere I go, so powering it isn't a problem. I'm hoping the setup will cost me less than $250.


Thanks in advanced!

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Nice to see a fellow owner of the ANC7.

I would suggest looking into the DT1350s, M-100, MDR-1R and maaaaybe the UE6000 (TBH I am not sure how much of an upgrade the latter is over the ANC7 - hope to find out at some point). All these cans have a bit of a different sound sig but I can personally vouch for the DT1350 and MDR-1R as both being great upgrades to the ANC7. The 1R might be the closest in relation to the sound sig of the ANC7. The DT1350 would be more of a complement with a more detailed, analytical sound sig with great sub bass.

About Ultrasones and specifically the pro line, I personally find them too big for portable use. Have you looked into the HFI line? Ultrasone also has a unique tonality to them so just be aware of that. Otherwise they have great soundstage and clarity.

Anyway, hope this helps.
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Thanks heaps for your reply. I had given up on this thread, and purchased some Custom One Pros. While they are nice sounding headphones, they are too muddy for my liking. I'm going to look into the 1350 or the 1R possibly pick them up. How do they rate in comparison to the ANC 7s low power needed to drive them? I'm finding the COP's need more juice or an amp solution.

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I find them both very easy to drive - the 1R more so than the DTs but not my much. They sound great out of any good source IMO. The DTs do scale with an amp though.
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So, I my new 1Rs arrived today. Well, what can I say, they blow the COPs out of the water with sound quality and driveability and that's just out of the box!. Thoroughly impressed and really grateful for your input here. It means a lot to me. I can finally let my tired ANC7s rest. I'm going to test drive these cans all day today.


Thank you so much for the advice, whilst not a significant improvement (so far) they are better. I think I'm falling for these headphones as I type this.

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That's awesome, glad you like them. I grew to love them more and more as I listened to them each day. They definitely have a musical, sweet and detailed sound all at the same time to my ears.
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