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For Sale: FS: Rega P5 Turntable with Upgrades

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For Sale:
FS: Rega P5 Turntable with Upgrades

Will Ship To: USA, Canada

Selling a turntable on Head-Fi is a bit of a shot in the dark, I suppose, but it's worth a try before I pay those ever-escalating Audiogon sale fees.


This is a Rega P5 in cherry -- the famous "picture frame" turntable. Condition is excellent, with just a few swirlies in the lid and a little dent or two in the soft wood surround.


Did I mention upgrades? This unit comes with the old-style outboard Rega TTPSU (not the new model with the gloss finish), the aftermarket Groovetracer Reference subplatter and bearing, and the fancy white Rega belt. Each of these add-ons made a subtle difference in the table's performance -- Regas are known for "PRAT," and it's no BS.


Here's the deal. If you're in the US and you pay via PayPal gift, I will ship this to you for $1200 total (including shipping, which will probably be in two boxes). Canada will be $25 more, rest of the world please don't ask (it's probably easier for you to find one locally anyway). I plan on selling this for $1300 plus shipping on the 'gon, but if it sells here I'd be more than willing to pass along the savings. At this price, no cartridge is included, but I would ship it with the currently mounted Dynavector DV20-XL (with I'd guess 200-300 hours on it) for an additional $200. I've added the adjustable Rega VTA adapter and use the 4mm spacer for the Dyna for best results.


Thanks for looking, and PM me if interested!

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wish i had the money for that...
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No affiliation with the seller, but I've got to say that I did the reference subplatter upgrade on my P3-24, and of all the upgrades I made (including the TTPSU and white belt, both of which helped), the Groovetracer upgrade was by far the most dramatic. It's a HUGE improvement, and if anybody is looking for a badass good turntable, a P5 with these upgrades should fit the bill nicely. If I hadn't already blown vast sums of money on other ridiculous toys, this sucker would be MINE. 


Good luck to the seller, and undying jealousy to the luck %^&* buyer tongue.gif

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