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Buying Advice Sought ($70-150)

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Greetings rock stars.  My first post.  Tingling all over.  Here's my deal:


1) MDR-V6 owner since 1990 - still have them - cups need replacing but I'd rather spend the $20 on new phones.  I like these guys but they make my ears hot.  


2) Ear buds make my ears hurt.  Even my Sennheiser buds with the smallest plugs.  Nonstarter.


3) Want to use them when traveling - on the plane, etc. with my iPhone 5, laptop, plane jack, etc.


4) I'd prefer a headset that has the lowest ear fatigue possible.


5) Mainly for music and movies, although gaming would be fun now and again (PC, Xbox, etc.) 


6) I think I'd consider pads or full size.  ATH-M50, MDR-V6, etc.


7) I am thinking of Skullcandy only because Kate Upton is on the picture.


8) Mostly ignore #7.  


9) Trying to stay below $150.  But if spending an additional $xx makes all the difference please say so.


10) Listen to electronic stuff, indie rock, some classical


Thx in advance...

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Add Ultrasone hfi-580 to your list. More bass than 780s, cheaper than 780s. Under 150

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For portability take a look at the UE6000. Even has ANC for traveling on a plane.

Look them up on Innerfidelity as well.

Cost you a few extra bucks but it will work well with movies and edm.
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I can vouch for ATH-M50. Great value. Throw in the Fiio E6.


A friend just bought the AKG 451 - and he's extremely pleased. check out: http://www.whathifi.com/awards/2012/headphones seems like a good bet

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I have a brainwavz HM5 they are extremely comfortable and isolation is awesome. but they are not  portable. worth more than the cost

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m audio q40s could be nice. 

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