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For Sale: FS: Grado RS1

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For Sale:
FS: Grado RS1

Will Ship To: USA, Canada

Hi! For sale today are my treasured Grado RS1s. These were my very first "hi-fi" cans, and as such are largely to blame for all the money I've spent in the past 4 years.


According to Grado lore, these are classified as "buttonless" RS1s -- bridging the gap between the old style RS1 and the new RS1i. I have never tried another pair of RS1 so I can't compare them with other models, but such comparisons exist in multiple threads here.


If these cans were an LP, I would rate the condition as "very good minus." There are some noticeable nicks in the wood and some discoloration in the mesh screens on the outside of the cups. Overall, they are still quite nice to look at, and represent a great way to get the classic RS1 sound at a bargain price.


Selling price is $375, inclusive of shipping (CONUS) and fees. Canada assume $15 more. Ships in original pizza box. Would like to keep this limited to North America for the time being.


PM me if interested, and thanks for looking!


Edit: wow, that photo sucks. I'll add more later tonight or tomorrow.

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For Sale: $800 (USD)

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Buying it
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SOLD... in record time!

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