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Best closed back, durable headphones for under $60

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I am looking for some good closed-back durable headphones for a maximum of under $60 preferably $50 dollars as i would need to pay for shipping (live in Australia). I am looking for some Headphones that are preferably full-sized, as i need good noise cancellation, that can take a beating. Looks don't matter, but comfortable cans would be preferable. For sounds quality i would like balanced headphones, but with some bass kick in them, as long as it doesn't effect the mids or highs. i am considering the Koss proDJ100, but i've heard that they have nearly non-existent bass. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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SR850? http://www.amazon.com/Samson-209995-SR850/dp/B002LBSEQS

I'm not sure how much they leak though so that could be a problem. They are semi-closed.

My friend is getting his tomorrow so I can actually check them out.
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Im not sure if this is exactly what your looking for but the senn hd 202's are pretty good, as are theĀ Panasonic RP-HTX7.

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I got in the Monoprice 8323 DJ headphones today. I paid 16 dollars plus 5 dollars shipping for them from monoprice. They seem to match your preference of relative balanced with some elevated bass presence. Detachable cable (comes with 2 cables actually one long one short) and suprisingly well built.

Need to test them some more against some of the other budget headpones but they are one of the best for the price. I don't know if you can get those out there. Look for a rebranded version by "kicker".

The HAS400b or HAS400w are also nice sounding on ear headphones for $25 in the US. Dunno again on availablity in your area. Similar sound sig.
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SR 850 do leak btw. I jsut tested them out at my friends house, so probably should look elsewhere.
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