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For Sale:
Meelectronics A151

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have 3 pretty good IEMs for sale. Price includes worldwide registered tracked 1st class shipping (from Europe) and PayPal fees.


Fischer Audio Tandem - Like new condition. Original tips all unused (about 10 pairs I think) and soft pouch.


Dual dynamics with smooth and very relaxing sound. llokerl's sound rating 8.6


Price: 50 Eur (about 65 USD)


Meelectronics A151 - Logo paint very slightly rubbed off, otherwise mint condition. Original tips all unused (5 pairs) and hard zipper case.


Single balanced armature with mid-centric, universal sound and great ergonomics. One of my favorites for outside use. ljokerl's sound rating 7.4.


Price: 35 Eur (about 46 USD)


Xears XPA2Pro - Like new condition. Original tips unused (9 pairs in 3 colors x 3 sizes + 3 other pairs), sound filters unused (I had them from a different model) and soft Velcro pouch.


Dynamic model with 3 sound filters with very distinct sound difference (bassy, medium bassy and very sharp), aluminium shells and replaceable cables. ljokerl didn't review them, but they're somewhere between the A151 and Tandem, closer to the Tandem IMHO (but very different). I love these! It's like having 3 different IEMs worth $200 together.


Price: 35 Eur (about 46 USD)


No boxes unless you want them (beefy extra due to shipping costs). Insurance is extra. In the unfortunate case the uninsured package gets lost or damaged, you need to make a claim at your post office (again, mail comes with tracking no). USD prices are approximate.

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