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Hey everyone, I've been into headphones for a while, but lately I've been curious about my first speaker setup. I'm not looking for anything rediculous, just something I could hook up to my computer (Asus Ux31 Ultrabook) and get a decent sound. 


I want something that'll bump, as I've been listening to a lot of rap lately (Kendrick Lamar, Tribe Called Quest, Biggie Smalls, Danny Brown) I definitely wouldn't mind feeling the bass vibrate the desk. 


But I also want something that'll possibly be fast enough for older punk (Suicide Machines, Sonic Youth, Minutemen)


And of course, I want something with good imaging for jazz and older music. (Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, The Ink Spots)


I know that's a lot to ask for in a cheap system, but I figure I might as well get all my wants out there. 


I'm willing to pay about $350 at the absolute most, but I might even have to drop that down a bit. 


I live in a dorm, so it doesn't have to get too loud, and I'd prefer they be smaller speakers that I could fit on the desk.