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Amp Questions

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I just bought a Grado SR80i. I am also planning on buying a Cowon J3 and an amp (PA2V2.or Little Dot I+ Hybrid- whichever helps with the bass) I am very new to the audiophile world and have some questions.


1. I know that using line out from an iPod to plug into an amp bypasses the opamp. However, I am also aware that Cowon does not have a line out (correct me if I'm wrong). I want to know if not bypassing the internal amp affects the sound.


2. Also does plugging Cowon into an amp affect the EQ setting.




P.S. Any help with choosing an amp would be appreciated.

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To not bypass the internal amp, with my understanding of this, means that you're just amping an already amped signal. That is, the amplified signal from your music player. This isn't ideal, but it's been done. I've done it, and honestly, with an iPod, I don't notice a huge difference between LOD and headphone out. That's just me, though. I know this topic has been discussed on here before.


As for amps, I'm not too familiar with amps in that range, but I can recommend the Fiio E5 if you're not looking to spend too much, which has a bass boost you might like, and also sports a nice output impedance.

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Depends on how much are you willing to spend. whats your budget? (you may receive more replies on the proper section)

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