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No Earzonk on ebay or amazon uk.....but on the google , the earzonk main page want about $20... not sure if inc no good.....shame.......SORRY..these were for the larger one.....the L ones are about $10.......ill check them out...thanks ..


Looks like they don't ship to the uk......they maybe similar quality to the  Store One  brand to be honest..????

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Originally Posted by Giogio View Post

Hello everybody! I kind of need help. I have finally found the perfect sounding bluetooth headphone (for my tastes) and there is only one thing keeping me from keeping them: their thin earpads which make my ears touch the drivers.

So I am looking for non original replacement.

It must be round, not oval, with a diamater of 80mm (I suppose that 85 could work) and a thickness of at least 25mm (the more the better).


Any help would be very much appreciated.

HM5 due to oval form for now excluded.


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I've been running Earzonk's G-pads on my cans for some time but finally decided to retire them. Comfortable as all hell, but there as an uncomfortable resonance at certain frequencies that causes a buzz. Not sure if it's the material, or what, but I went back to my comfies.

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