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A couple more packages arrived from the far east today. "Inside Foam Sponge +Headband Cushion pad for Beyerdynamic DT770 DT880 DT990PRO" from bosity


At $16 shipped i feel like this is a low quality product. At $7 it would be a good deal. I got this because years ago i bought a bare DT990 frame that i have put some Sansui orthodynamic drivers into. 


The headband pad is better than what came on my superex hd-660 but the construction is still cheap. Not recommended. Get one of the knit pads instead, or save up your pennies and get genuine beyer. "Replacement ear pads For AKG K240 K270 Series Headphone earpad" from 


There are many pads on ebay that claim to be for the K240 style frame but these actually seem to be the right outer diameter and they have the correctly deep flange on the back. These have a leatherish texture on the vinyl. 


They DO fit the K270 but the overall fit is a bit like a K240 pad that has gone a bit flat, so I will be ordering genuine pads from full compass in a bit, and these will find their way onto some lesser AKG like my K260. 


Not bad / not great / fair price. Came with foam discs that have a hole in the center - interesting choice. 


fwiw here is the link for genuine AKG K240 pads: -- I am guessing these are priced each. Not as great a deal as when they were $7/ea from Frank, but at least you don't have to call Frank. 


Edit: Hmm, $18 + ship for genuine beyer headband pad? But it doesn't look quite like what is on my older DT770:

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