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Just found out today the Audeze pads fit the Beyer T1 and T5p pretty well.


Much better comfort for both


Leather gives the T1 a midbass and bass boost (think dub step) while taking the edge off the treble peak of the T1.  Air and detail remain albeit slightly softened.  Essentially turns the T1 into a 'beats' loving headphone. Good for dub, rap, hip hop, etc.


Velour I haven't yet tried but I believe it will give a flatter response then the leather even greater comfort and retain more of the air and open feel the T1 are famous for.

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I tot it is slightly oversized...
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it looks and feels fine on the T1's. sure it doesn't look OEM, but that wasn't expected, it fits and it works quite well.

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Thought you guys might like to check out some of the Brainwavz HM5 pads coming out in different varieties now. There are now currently these different options listed below other than just black leather.

You can get them on amazon now and MP4Nation will also stock them in a few weeks.


- Leather' extra thick pads come in Black, Dark Red, Red, Brown, White.

- Velours pads are now available and come in Black and Red

Here's what they look like on my pair of SRH440.





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oh snap

i dig the white ones

i have the velours on my modded takstars

and they are comfy as schitt


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Those HM5 pads are really something.  Apart from high comfort, the headphones they fit usually sound their best with them.


ATH-M20/30/40/50 variants, 7506 and V6 (though these need the thinner v1 HM5s or the current version might be as good for them after being squished, otherwise they become very shrill) all sound best with them, one guy in the thread showed them off on his D5k, I take it the Shures and Takstars also sound their best with them?

I'll bet ZX700 and DT250 also sound best with the HM5s, and the list continues to grow.  Best of all, they are not as horribly overpriced.

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