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Anyone know of any good velour pads that would fit my Sennheiser HD 380? I read somewhere the HD 5x5 series pads should fit, can anyone confirm this? Other suggestions would be very welcome as well.


HD5x5 pads are the same, just velour instead of pleather.  I swapped my 380's pads with 598's, I thought that they both sounded like crap afterwards.  You should try it out if you are curious, lol, just don't hope for anything good.  They could each be made to sound good with the different pads AND the right modifications, possibly.

I read some guys discussing aftermarket upgrade pads for 380 from some UK-based seller on the bay.  They are pleathers as well.

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how do you mod an earpad to make the bass fire less air into the ear? is it the earpad or I need to make a hole on the cups?


this model to be precise. philips shl3300, its not boomy but weirdly it fires a lot of air pressure into the ears which really hurts after a while. I have to wear it with part of the ear pads resting on my face to let some of the air out.

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switch to a velor?

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