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I have just received the new HM5 thick pads directly from Brainwavz for evaluation. I'll be checking them out and providing measurements etc...


New Thick and Velour


New Thick compared to the old HM5 pad

More info to follow as I haven't checked them out yet.


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Looks sweet!

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Looks good, what are the measurements for those HM5 pads?

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My current pad replacements are the MrSpeakers Aplha pads on the SRH1540, and the Shure alcantara pads on the HP200.

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Any update on the new HM5 thick pad measurements? I'm wondering if they're big enough to not touch my ears and if they'd fit my Monoprice 8323.

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Sorry guys got a little busy on the weekend...


The Velour and Pleather look to be cut from the same pattern so I'll just show the velours in a few of these pictures as the pleathers are mounted on my GMP 8.300 D's at the moment.


These new pads will stretch out to fit on any 100mm diameter cup rim, they might stretch a little further but they would not fit on my T50RP's which are 110x100 if I remember, I didn't want to stretch the back out to the point of ripping to try.


From the GMP thread:


Mounted on the GMP 8.3 series.


66mm inner opening length when mounted on a 100mm cup.


62mm width.


27.5mm depth.



Now for the Monoprice 8323 size question, I am using the Velours in these pictures.


Monoprice 8323 - Pearstone Deluxe (Left) vs HM5 (Right)



The Monoprice cup does not stretch the pad in any way so here are unmounted pad measurements. 


71mm length.


50mm width.


*The inner depth is the same as the Pleather pad which is 27.5mm*


Back 105mm length.


Back 83mm width.


Pleather = More Bass / Velour = Less Bass

Any other questions just ask. ;)

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How does the thickness and comfort of the velours compare to the DT990 pads? I've been wanting to swap the stockers for some black ones but don't wanna shell out the money for T90 pads. 

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I'll put the Velours on my DT880's tonight and let you know.
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Thanks man!

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Thanks Troll, this was very helpful!

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