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Best Ultrasone all around?

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Hello I am new to this forum and I am interested in getting a new pair of phones. I have been looking into ultrasone products and have been impressed for the price to performance ratio. I want these headphones as an all around head phone, I will be using them for gaming, music and movies ect. I have been researching a lot and I have been very interested in the hfi series. I listen to rap, hip hop and a lot of bass oriented music. I currently have the Sony Xb-500's, are good but the mods and highs are muddy IMO. My budget is around 150$ and I can buy an amp if necessary. Please give me your opinions on a good choice and if you think I should get the 780's or something else. Thanks guys!
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A good step up from the XB500 would be the HFI-580, they have emphasized bass with more quality than the XB500 but more clarity, overall. Alternatively, the HFI-780 are more balanced and refined than the HFI-580, with slightly less bass (still have quite the bass presence).

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How would the hfi 780 perform for gaming, nothing professional I just want a fun but clear experience I play all types of games like bf3, guildwars 2, league of legends... And would the other series of ultrasone be a better choice like the pros or djs. ~150$ budget
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They handle gaming quite nicely, both immersive and competitive gaming, but they do perform immersive gaming better.


Better Ultrasones are more expensive, with the next step being the open HFI-2400, or alternatively the closed Pro 750.

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Ok, lastly how would they compare to the audio technica ATMH50's btw thank you very much for your help. smily_headphones1.gif
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I find the HFI-580 to be better headphones than them, so with the HFI-780 being more balanced and refined than the HFI-580, they are indeed a better option.


Do keep in mind that you'll have less bass but still enough bass to sate your bass needs, except it'll now be of much better quality, with the rest of the frequency range being more detailed as well.

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M50's have a terrible soundstage for movies/games which is not ideal. The Ultrasone Pro550 is a good option as well. 

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Ok thanks guys, do you think the pro 550 would be a better option than the hfi 780's for my needs? Again thanks .biggrin.gif
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