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Wanted: Tube amp to match Grado GS1000

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Tube amp to match Grado GS1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking to switch over and try tubes for my Grado GS1000's. Does anybody have a tube amp which would be a good match? I'm looking to pay around £250 shipped to the UK. Cheers!

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You might want to keep your eyes open for the Mapletree Audio headphone amps.  They are hand-built in Canada to a competent but not polished standard.  But they sound outstanding with Grado's.  Just a really nice synergy there.  I've got one that I brought to a meet.  There I had several opportunities to hear a range of different Grado's with the MAD amp and I came away very impressed.  Highly recommended!


Hope this helps!



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High recommendation for the EarMax Silver Edition.

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A Mapletree Ear is best synergy with Grados, especially RS, but also GS. I understood the term euphoric after listening to the Ear.

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