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Asgard vs. Lyr

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At present, I am running the he-400 off the audioengine D1 amp/dac.


I have a few quick  questions:


1. Is the Lyr worth the extra money over the Asgard, i've heard good things about both? Are tube amps difficult to run/dangerous etc?


2. Lastly, assume I purchase the Lyr, will this be a good investment that will work well with flagships such as the HD800/LCD2?


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I wrote separate reviews of each amp:




I wouldn't recommend either of the Schiit amps for the HD800. Actually, I can't think of an amp that would work optimally well for both the HD800 and LCD-2. IMO, you need separate amps to truly maximize each headphone. But I'm guessing you probably don't care about maximizing both headphones, in which case something like a B22 would be the best compromise. I definitely can't think of a sub-$500 amp that would ideally amp either of those headphones though, if that's your budget.

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