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For Sale: Cowon J3

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For Sale:
Cowon J3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have my 16GB Cowon J3 for sale in great condition. Ask for pictures or more info. Includes UK shipping, i will ship world wide for 10 quid more!

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Very interested.

What colour is it? Do you know if it's one of the earlier ones that had the problem with the glass of the screen lifting up slightly? How long do you have it? Do you know what's the battery-life like for FLAC and WAV playback?

Pictures would be good.


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It does not have the problem and I had about 6 months and owner before about the same. However it has not seen much use by me. Playtime is over 10 hours easy and that's without getting near being out of charge. No problems but I don't use it enough. I will stick some pictures up and I will say it does have one cosmetic problem an that is the cover for the charger is split but glued up. Also comes with charger and earbud (if you want them).
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So would that be normal battery performance for lossless playback on the J3?

It's advertised at 60 hours or something; but that's at 128kbps no doubt.

My ipod classic 120gb gets way over 20 hours for lossless playback though and it's not supposed to have as good battery life as the J3.

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Yeh the battery life is no worse than my mates (which he got brand new when i got mine) or mine when i got it, it goes for ever and out lives my iPhone easily. I do not have all lossless on there so cant answer you truthaly!

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Hi, is your cowon j3 still for sale?

Does it have "european" standard plugs / AC/Adaptor

Can you post pictures etc...


Very much interested!

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Yes it is. It has a USB charger. I guess you can pick up the adapter you want. I will stick some pics up shortly!
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Here you go guys. Front is very nice but back a bit scratched. Have USB cable, and earbuds if you ant them!








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PM Sentbigsmile_face.gif

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Just reached my PM limit for the day mad.gif you can reach me on this email.


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