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Sennheiser HD 515 vs HD 595

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This is my first post and I need to confess right away that I don’t have much of experience with headphones and all my listening is thru speakers. I now would like to explore the headphones option and looking to buy smth not expensive, preferably used. My amp will be Audiolab M-DAC (I use it strictly as DAC in my hi-fi system). As part of my search I got second hand offers for both HD 515 and HD 595, all in excellent condition, with former being much cheaper. How do those 2 models stand vs each other? How much do I lose/gain when selecting either of these options? I know they are old models, and would like to see if anyone had any direct experience with both of them. Aside from attractive price I like these two since they are over-ear with long cable and 6.3 jack. Any comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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The difference between the HD515 and the HD595 are quite big. They are from the same model line, but one is the low-end model and the other is the high end one. They usually don't get compared since the HD515 are headphones which are rarely even mentioned.


I own a pair of HD515 (got them for free) and tbh apart from the nice soundstage it did not sound any better than my HD448 which i had for years. 

The 515 is not recommended to buy since its the low end model. Pay the extra 50 or whatever the difference is and be happy for a few years. You will not regret the HD595.

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Thanks, excellent insight and exactly what I was looking for.

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I don't know how good is the price they give you, but you can also consider the HD558 (newest versions) for under $200 new. You can find good deals on 2nd hand pairs as well. 

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May I presume that HD558 is in between 515 and 595? Thanks for suggestion by the way

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The 558 are the new, slightly improved version of the HD555, which stands right between HD515 and HD595. 

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