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Good Equalizer For Macs!

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I think I've found a very simple, very nice program for Mac users that let them change the EQ on their whole system with just a few clicks, and also get down to fine tuning the audio. 

The program's called "Hear". 


It's universal, and runs without needing to start up sound flower, no manually routing your audio, or anything like that. 





Some Screenshots:



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Looks interesting. But more importantly, you should rename the thread to "Good Equalizer for PCs and Macs" since Hear is Windows and OS X compatible.


The official page can be found here: http://www.prosofteng.com/products/hear.php


But it's a good find :)

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A couple of notes- this cost $20. 


If you demo it and decide you don't want it, don't just delete the app as that will leave a certain EQ present in your system for good!


To uninstall, make sure to do that from within the app menu system, and then restart your system. I learned this the hard way. This app is sorta dangerous since it patches your system sound. 

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I'm actually baffled at how Windows and OS X don't come with an EQ after all the years such products have been around.

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OSX does, it's part of iTunes. Probably in Windows too actually. 

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I'm not talking about player EQs.


It's unfortunate that integrated system-wide EQing isn't available yet, and even 3rd party products are rather scarce, which is why this software caught my attention.

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